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Running with the wolves

Why BJJ?

Benefits of the “Gentle Art”

There are hundreds of articles out there about the benefits of jiu-jitsu and other martial arts. The following are those that we have observed and experienced at Kogaion.

  • The art: Although some of our students compete, our primary focus is mastering the art of BJJ. This means that while we use the physical strength and agility that we have, our main path to dominance is technique. Our students range from light feather to ultra heavy weight classes, but they all practice BJJ together. The beauty of BJJ is that size is only one factor, and the true art form surpasses brute barriers.

  • Self-defense: BJJ is famously known as one of the few martial arts where a smaller opponent can overcome a much larger opponent through the use of strategy and leverage. Although at Kogaion we practice only to when the opponent "taps," in a real confrontation, BJJ is an excellent way to temporarily disable a predator through even the most basic arm locks or chokes.

  • Character: The cliché holds - the hardest step is the first one off the couch, not because of laziness, but fear of being embarrassed at the first class. Each day a student returns to class, they taken that extra step in their lives to a physical and mental challenge. This in it of itself is a great feat and gift. Practicing jiujitsu takes continuous confrontation with your own ego, as well as empathy for your drilling partners and your opponents.

  • Therapy: Sparring in BJJ is one of the few activities in life that truly require 100% of your mind. Every part of you must engage with the threat in front of you. For this reason, many students find BJJ therapeutic, a chance to leave their worries of home and work behind for a couple hours. Plus, the high after some rounds of sparring can last well into the next day!

  • Community: It is scientific fact that proximity breeds closeness - friendship often develops simply from repeated encounters. It goes without saying that camaraderie eventually develops between fellow jitsers who grapple with each other every week if not every day. It is always strengthening to have a team behind you during competition. Many of our students have become friends outside of the mats as well.

  • Fitness: Without a doubt BJJ is a total body exercise. On top of working every nameable body part in tough cardio rounds, practitioners also develop a sense of balance within themselves and against their opponent. Bodily and positional awareness is key to sparring, and you will soon begin to sense the parts of your body in relation to each other.

These are real gains that students have personally shared and that we know to be true from years of experience. You can also read testimonials from our students in our monthly newsletter here.

Most importantly, there's little to lose from giving yourself and BJJ a chance, whether it's with us at Kogaion or with another gym. Of course, we believe Kogaion can offer you the best holistic training in a safe environment, along with a community of students doing BJJ for a whole range of reasons from all different walks of life.